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Inspirasi YES Malaysia #InspirasiGenerasiMuda – Where the Dream Begins!

Malaysian Young Entertainment Stars (YES), sharing their success stories on the #Digital Bubble. To inspire young generation who spends much of their time in the digital world.

MVTV Asia debuts Inspirasi YES Malaysia as the #DigitalWINDOW, to bring local content producers to the world, with multiple destinations within the integrated network built amongst the Digital One Belt One Road Initiative partners.

Kuala Lumpur –April 9, 2018— A short list of Young Entertainment Stars are selected by MVTV Asia, to recognize their popularity and high fans ranking on the social media. MVTV Asia debuts one of it’s original programs—Inspirasi YES Malaysia, showcasing the success stories through a series of #edutainment short film. The theme of the program is to offer MVTV Asia as the digital broadcasting platform to share the “journey of success” of the online celebrities. YES Icon talks will be given live to the fans and audiences. The YES Acquaintance will be interviewed and become the narrator in their own short films. “Along with the original edutainment program, we will also publish a mobile application YES Talks – #DigitalBubble. It is an interactive application which allow the Icons to record or broadcast their content feeds on the app, and the fans will be able to interact with the Icons, echoes to their stories, and even purchase the personal items donated by the stars for charity!” said, SaraLeana Nattaya Azmi (Sara), CEO of MVTV Asia.

Inspirasi YES Malaysia is also a joint project with FINAS, the first project under the #DigitalWINDOW initiative by MVTV Asia. “FINAS’s role is to nurture and empowering the creativity of film industry in Malaysia, yet, the box office chain’s coverage of local production movies is still far below expectations. Working together with MVTV Asia, our talents in the film industry will be able to have the opportunity and the platform to demonstrate their works.”, said Datuk Mohd Khusairi Abdul Talib, Chairman of FINAS. MVTV Asia, will be working with the government agencies to bring about: Worldwide Integrated Network Distributed Opportunity to showcase their Works (#DigitalWINDOW) to the local content creators. Together with FINAS, MVTV Asia will create a healthy content ecosystem along the region.

According to MVTV Asia, a series of YES Talk speech will be given by the YES Icon, hosted at FINAS’s auditorium. Fans and audiences will be able to get further information by logging into MVTV Asia’s official website after the press conference. “This is where the dream starts! Young netizens are encouraged to interact with their YES icons and declare their #YesDREAM”, added by Sara. Apart from entertainment, MVTV Asia is also highlighting DREAM (Dedication | Respects | Encourage | Appreciation | Motivation), the virtues and values which are shared amongst Malaysian’s culture.

About MVTV Asia: MVTV Asia is a digital broadcasting service, which allows the user to watch good quality content offered by regional partners via smart devices. MVTV Asia’s mandate is to bring Asian content to the world.

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