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Magnum “Lou Yau Kei” Charity Concert

Magnum “Lou Yau Kei” Charity Concert is proudly brought to you by Magnum and organized by Mega Ultimate. This year is the 3rd year of Magnum “Lou Yau Kei”. The objectives of the charity concert are to provide a platform for schools to raise funds for development of Chinese educations. It also creates an opportunity for the local artistes to showcase their talents and gain exposures as well as contribute their part of corporate social responsibility. Apart from that, it also supports the local entertainment industries where there are local artistes involved in this charity concert tour.

During the past four months, we had successfully collaborated with 7 beneficiary education parties to organized Magnum “Lou Yau Kei” Charity Concert. These 7 beneficiary education parties are from 3 different states which are Klang Valley, Perak and Johore.  Magnum “Lou Yau Kei” Charity Concert is performed by Malaysia Hokkien Famous Singer- Huang Yi Fei and Group Miao Miao and together with local well-known artiste Tan Yee Yee and Yew Yen Teng.

In year 2013, Magnum “Lou Yau Kei” Charity Concert has successfully raised RM 1,046,852, of which is an encouraging result. Yet, in the beginning of year 2014, Magnum “Lou Yau Kei” Charity Concert had achieved another milestone; it had successfully raises RM 5,312,547. However, in the second half of year 2014, Magnum “Lou Yau Kei” Charity Concert had successfully raised RM 7,660,065.83 in total for 7 beneficiary education parties, which is a higher result compare to previous year. So, in 3 years period, Magnum “Lou Yau Kei” Charity Concert has an accumulative charity fund of RM 14,019,464.83, is a fabulous achievement.

Table below is Magnum “Lou Yau Kei” Charity Concert Tour 2014 collected amount:

No. Date Beneficiary Concert Venue Amount Collected
1. 12/07/2014 SJK © Hau Lim Hao Lim Gong, Sungai Sudah RM 335,210.00
2. 05/09/2014 SJK© Tanjung Sepat Kompleks Muhibbah, Tanjung Sepat RM 1,343,096.00
3. 09/11/2014 Sekolah Menengah San Min (Suwa) Sekolah Menengah San Min (Suwa) RM 606,263.00
4. 15/11/2014 Pei Chun High School Pei Chun High School RM 3,875,999.00
5. 28/11/2014 SJK© Union Grand Ballroom @ One City RM 1,000,319.83
6. 29/11/2014 SJK (C) Serdang Chee Hong Kor, Serdang, Kedah RM 430,828.00
7. 06/12/2014 雙溪比力華校校友會 SJK© Wah Lian, Sungai Pelek RM 68,350.00


Total Amount: RM 7,660,065.83