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26 September 2015


Sungei Wang Plaza,KL
Thousand Lantern Festival

Most Iconic Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration 2015

Kuala Lumpur, 4thSeptember 2015– It was indeed a“shiny bright”evening to remember for Sungei Wang Plaza to launch and announce its annual thematic “Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations” with one of its mostsignature event – “Sungei Wang Plaza Thousand Lanterns Parade”!

Sungei Wang Plaza isbeautifully transformed into thousand colourful lanternsdecorations around the entire mall this mid-autumn festival, embracing the iconic theme “Sungei Wang Plaza Thousand Lanterns Festival”.  To make the celebration is even a more meaningful, a series of mid-autumn related events & activities has also been scheduled to hype up the shopping from 4th September (Friday) to 27th September 2015 (Sunday) at the Stage &Concourse Level of Sungei Wang Plaza.

Wondering Why A Thousand Lanterns?

“As we all know, Lantern or light symbolizes blessingsor hopes and wishes in Chinese culture. Therefore we would like to use a thousand lights to represent or to bring a thousand hopes and blessings from our mall to our valuable shoppers in this festive season,” said Ms. Yuen May Chee, the Complex Manager of Sungei Wang Plaza.

To complete the celebratory ambience, an interesting line-ups of Mid-Autumn themed traditional lanterns dance performances, Chang-er&Hou Yi character meet & greet, kids’ animal lantern making workshop is also plannedfor shoppers during weekends.Tourists and shoppers can feel free to pick up some local delicacies at the Mid-Autumn promotional booths which showcase and sell all the mid-autumn related products in the atrium. The participating brands are Baker’s Cottage, Bee’s Bakery Cake Café, Bee Cheng Hiang, Natural Tea Land, Qian Yue Ting, Tai Thong and many more!

Another limelight of the celebration is definitely the signature event of Sungei Wang Plaza – “Sungei Wang Plaza Thousand Lantern Parade”, on 26th September 2015 (Saturday) starting from 4pm till late.It is aimed to promote Malaysian Chinese cultural activities and reunite with your loved ones through the celebration. The Lantern Parade will be flagged off from the Main Entrance, circulating Sungei Wang Plaza together with the attractive performances by Lion & Dragon Dance troupe.

More than 500 Magnum lanterns will be given-away before the parade commences forshoppers to join in the meaningful parade. What’s more, the event will also be broadcasted live by MELODY FM Radio Station and the evening will be entertained by the special appearances of MELODY FM announcers Wan Wai Fun and Dragon Loong.

Yuen also added that no registration fees is needed for this parade and henceshe expects athousand participantsbe it tourists or the local, to come celebrate together in Sungei Wang Plaza.

To further evoke the spirit of togetherness during their experience at Sungei Wang Plaza, shoppers get to be entertained bya 3-day carnival at concourse level of Sungei Wang Plaza from 25th September (Friday) to 27th September 2015 (Sunday).The programme includes Chinese Cultural Performances, DIY Lantern Workshop, Culture Art DIY Paper Cutting by Master Chua Kim Long, ONFM VJ Meet & Greet, Mid-Autumn Story Telling Session by Little Giraffe Club, Kidz Creative Drawing Workshop, 3D Colouring Workshop, ONFM Mid-Autumn Festival Artistes Showcase and etc. The artistes that will be performing during the Showcase are pH (pINK x Haoren), Ribbon, Zen, Athena, P-High, Amoi-Amoi  and ONFM VJ’s .

This Celebration is proudly presented by Sungei Wang Plaza with Magnum as the main sponsor and jointly organised with Mega Ultimate and HCR Event Solutions.Other sponsor is Mr D.I.Y and ON FM, as the official Online Media Partner.

Shopper with minimum spent of RM80 in a single receipt fromthe mall outlets or RM30 in a single receipt from Mid-Autumn Promotion Fairis entitled to participate “Guess & Win” Contest by guessing the total numbers of lanterns in Sungei Wang Plaza, the correct answer or the closest answer gets to win weekly prizes worth up to RM150. The entry form can be obtained from the Concierge located at LG Floor.

Last but not least, Sungei Wang Plazaisdecked out itself as a best place for all kinds of everything this festive season. We boast a vibrant mix of retailers & fashion designers, latest mobile phone & IT gadgets, home products, beauty & accessories and also a wide spectrum of mouth-watering foods & beverages. Public can head towards here to shop and also to have a delightful dine with family & friends, or simply to spend this festive moment with your loved ones!

Events are subject to change without prior notice. For latestinformation about the events and promotions at Sungei Wang Plaza, kindly visit: http://www.sungeiwang.comor Sungei Wang Plaza Facebook at For All Kinds of Everything!